Staying Sane in this Crazy Seattle Housing Market

Such a crazy housing market that we’re in.   Rising prices, multiple offers, low inventory, so many buyers!   How do you keep your sanity if you are buying or selling?   Of course I’m going to say to get professional help….not the psychology kind, the real estate kind!   There are many things that a full-service broker can do to help buy or sell a home – it’s not all smoke and mirrors…ah…I mean photography and staging!

From a Buyer’s perspective, it’s understanding what the Seller wants, crafting a clean offer (more than crossing t’s and dotting i’s).  The terms of the offer can sometimes outweigh the dollars.  Of course a Buyer will need to do their homework when it comes to financing and understanding all the parts of an offer.   That’s where a full-service broker can really show her stuff!

From a Sellers perspective, it’s about pricing for both the condition of the home as well as the market, plus all the house prep and marketing.   In this market, Buyers are generally thinking they will need to pay more than the list price.  If your home is over priced, it may not sell as quickly or for as much as hoped, but a severely underpriced home may leave money on the table.  Such a balance to strike!  But that’s where a full-service broker can really earn her keep!

There’s much more to this story than can fit into a simple blog post.   Give me holler if you want to talk more details, or check out the “Services” section on this website!

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