Closing – aka – The Home Stretch

Once you and the Seller have reached mutual agreement, there’s still work to be done before closing on your home.  If there are any contingencies that were part of the Purchase and Sales Agreement, these need to be satisfied – financing, inspections, and title are the most common.  You will also need to obtain insurance for you new home.

The title company will complete their work to ensure a clear title, or identify an issues with the title.  The lender will complete their work on your loan and fund the loan

Escrow pulls it all together.   They will in general, receive and review the title commitment, determine utilities, taxes, liens, etc. status, obtain the insurance binder, and prepare closing statements.

A few days before closing you will need to sign documents.   I will be there with you when you sign in the event of any questions.    I will also arrange for the transfer of keys.

On the day of closing, escrow disburse funds and then will record the purchase with the county and receive recording numbers.   Once recording numbers are received, the transactions is closed.   You will have completed the purchase of your new home!