House Hunting/What are you looking for in a home

Finding a terrific home works best by understanding your needs and wants for your home.   This includes the basics like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but you may want to include other items, such as if a master suite is important, or closet space.  Also, consider single level home or multi-story, a large yard or not, proximity to schools and transportation, or other items that are specific to you.  Keep a list that we can review, and you can use when viewing homes.  It’s a good idea to keep notes on the homes you view.  After a while it can be difficult to remember which home has what feature.

Also consider the condition of the homes.  Are any changes or repairs within your budget and/or abilities?   Inspections are not mandatory, but are an extremely good idea when making a purchase of this caliber.  Inspections may be done before making an offer, or after mutual acceptance.  (It is part of the negotiations strategy – see Negotiations) The inspectors I use are excellent at assessing homes and delivering their findings in a way that’s understandable to anyone.