Having a strategic approach to negotiations starts with thinking like the other side.  What to do the Sellers want or what problems are the Sellers facing that we could address in your offer. I work diligently with the listing brokers to understand the Seller’s priorities.  The highest price isn’t always the deciding factor.

Next we craft your offer to include your goals while address the Sellers wants or problems. Each offer is unique because of the all the possible variability in each sides goals. One thing that remains a constant is having a strong offer. This is where having your ducks in a row pays off.

A strong offer is one that leaves little doubt that the transaction will close.   There are many ways to show that you have a strong offer such as being pre-approved (or better yet, pre-underwritten) as well as a meaningful earnest money deposit, a strong down payment (if possible), and an agent that can champion your cause and is known for follow-through.