Preparing Your Home for Sale

Homes sell fastest and for the most money when they are priced right and in move-in ready condition.   We will do a walk through of your home and discuss the specifics for your home and budget.  Here are a some of the items I suggest to my clients.

Curb appeal. Curb appeal could include cleaning and/or painting the front door, tidying the yard and walkways, adding plants and fresh bark or gravel, cleaning the roof and gutters.

Clean Interior. This could include clean baths and kitchen (make sure there isn’t any mold in the baths or kitchen), clean window and screens replacing if needed, ensuring all light bulbs work, doors don’t squeak and open smoothly, clean switch plates, clean rugs and floors.

Make your home look like there’s a place for everything. Remove anything that makes your house look cluttered.   Rent a storage space if necessary.   Remove all personal photos, certificates, awards, or other memorabilia.   The idea is to help the buyer see themselves living there and that it looks like there’s a place for everything.   Also, lock up (or remove completely if possible) any expensive jewelry, computing equipment, prescription drugs, and liquor.

Consider a pre-inspection. It will cost a few hundred dollars to do this, but if minor issues with a home can be identified and addressed before the home goes on the market, a home seller will likely make this up during the transaction when it comes to the buyer inspection.  It would improve the value of your home and improve your negotiation position.

The list of how to prepare your home is specific to your home.  There are lots of other ideas in addition to these few.  We will work together to come up with a plan just for you.