“Selling- I called several agents to first sell our house and to purchase a new one. We went with Dale because she was very well prepared. She had done her research prior to our initial meeting and showed up with a detailed plan of action. She gave us helpful but easy ideas on fixing up the  place to make it more appealing to buyers and was there when we had questions/concerns.

Buying- She listened to our list of musts and wants and was on top of the latest houses to hit the market and was available for viewing when we needed her. During the closing process she was on top of it! She made sure everything was done properly and really made the process go smoothly. Overall, I would highly recommend her! She knows her stuff and she truly does work for you!”

– Joni Wiess, Auburn, WA

“I am so happy to have found Dale for my first home purchase. I was extremely impressed by Dale’s intuition, flexibility, and knowledge of the Seattle area market. She was very patient with me as a first-time home buyer and took care to understand and hone her approach to my individual circumstances and needs. She was also very accommodating to my schedule and was easy to get a hold of. Most important, she made the buying process less intimidating and answered all of my questions – and I had a lot of questions! Dale has a knack for spotting and pointing out the finer details of properties (in my case, condos) and her strong organizational and research skills were super helpful throughout the home buying process. She discovered red flags about the history and condition of certain properties that I never would have known to look for without her attention to detail and life experience. I went into the home buying process nervous and intimidated, but working with Dale it quickly became fun thanks to her optimistic and upbeat attitude! I would enthusiastically recommend Dale to anyone looking to buy a home!”

-Evan Lewis, Renton, WA

    “Dale provided me with the best experience in purchasing and searching for a home I have every had. I have purchased 5 or 6 homes within the Seattle/Renton/Maple Valley areas. She listened to me, discussed options and challenges that came-up, and took time to learn me as a person. My favorite thing is when there was a question or issue, she went out of her way to find the answer, or resolve a problem. She also explained what to expect before and during a house buying process. What I got out of the home buying experience with Dale, is a almost perfect house in a very challenging house market. I got all my wish-list items that were important to me in a house. My past experience with agents, I was left feeling dissatisfied, felt I paid too much for the house. During the entire experience she made me feel like a partner, working with me. If/when I need a Real Estate Agent again, it will be Dale.”

-Penny Severson, Seattle, WA

    “Dale is great to work with! I’ve sought her out when I was refinancing my condo. I’m always amazed at her knowledge. But she is set apart for so many reasons in my book. She really looks out for her clients. She’s real and I can talk frank to her about any aspect of the process. She truly has a  heart to help others. She’s successful in whatever she puts her mind to, so she does not need to prove anything. She does her homework so she’s prepared. Her hard work pays off and she takes no shortcuts in doing it right. So she is naturally authentic. That’s what I really like about her. What you see is what you get and a whole lot more.”

-Sara Larson, Seattle, WA

    ” Dale helped me find and buy my new condo and sell my old one.  It did not take her long to understand what I was looking for and find homes that fit the bill.   Her knowledge on how to craft a winning offer and her negotiations skills helped me win the condo I wanted.  When it came to sell my condo she did a great job with pricing and marketing.  It sold very quickly and over list price.  she’s always ready to help and was always available to answer my questions and help me through the process.  I would recommend Dale to anyone in the buying and selling process.

-Mark Daniels, Edmonds, WA

   “Dale was an ideal agent. She not only helped, but was actively engaged every step of the way. Honest, down-to-earth, understanding, respectful. I honestly don’t think we would have had a successful transaction without her. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dale!”

-Ryan Gould, Seattle, WA

  “We have only moved to Seattle a few months ago, and got referred to Dale via a common connection, as we wanted to kick off our house hunting process. Being first time buyers, we needed a lot of guidance throughout the process, and Dale has been an instrumental resource to us throughout the process. Not only did she spend numerous weekends driving us around Seattle, and showing us neighborhoods we haven’t heard about before, but she also made it her mission to educate on everything we need to know to be competitive in this market. Without Dale’s help, we would be completely lost, and would have likely not gotten the place we ended up purchasing at the price she was able to help us negotiate it to. We are very happy to have been working with Dale, and would recommend her to anyone looking to either buy or sell a house”

-Bob and Kate, Seattle, WA